Cosmetic Damage Repairs

Cosmetic Damage Repairs

These steps had over 200 surface cracks and numerous areas in which the previously applied top coat was separating from the fiberglass.

The bottom step was cracked allowing water to washout the support base. The steps were stabilized, the crack repaired and an epoxy coat applied.

Fiberglass pool step repairs for vinyl pools and one piece fiberglass swimming pool repairs.

The homeowner purchased a foreclosure which had badly damaged steps. The front leading edges on each side were split open, the two return lines were broken and 322 bubbles/blisters required repair.

Pool lost water and the hydrostatic pressure caused a significant crack. Note the design used for the epoxy coat to help mask the repair.

Settlement caused a rock to crack the pool then water washed out the support. Another person applied a patch without replacing the washed out support which caused a new hole within 3 days. We replaced the washed out support and applied a new patch. Note that we disguised the repair when applying the epoxy finish.

Steps had a severe crack allowing water to wash away the support. Additionally, the steps had over 400 areas that needed attention due to bubbles, blisters and de-lamination.

Indoor fiberglass pool with four large bubbles (12 to 14 inch diameter), numerous areas with unsightly previous patches and a leak on the floor. We also blocked off four holes at the deep end wall using rectangular patch panels.

The fiberglass pool developed a crack and washed away the underlying support. We replaced the washed out support and repaired the crack. Epoxy finished the entire pool.