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JG Martin Enterprises, LLC takes care of your vinyl pools and one-piece fiberglass swimming pool repairs. We repair multiple cracks, degrading, delamination, and blisters. We specialize in repairing acrylic swimming pool steps. We also rebuild the support base beneath the steps due to washout or lost support.

Our Service Areas in Georgia

  • Floyd
  • Bartow
  • Polk
  • Paulding
  • Cobb
  • Douglas
  • Carroll
  • Fulton
  • Cherokee
  • Forsyth
  • Gwinnett
  • DeKalb
  • Walton
  • Rockdale
  • Henry
  • Newton

We also cover counties in Alabama and Tennessee

Pool Step Repair

  • Stabilizing washed out earth or loss of support
  • Patching cracked and leaking steps
  • Removing leaking blisters or bubbles
  • Re-coating for a smooth surface

Replacement of fiberglass pool steps cost thousands of dollars and normally requires the replacement of a new liner. We use a process that shores up the existing steps from underneath without having to remove concrete or replacing the existing vinyl liner. We then repair the cracks and leaking blisters or bubbles. Finally, we refinish the steps with a specially manufactured epoxy providing a beautiful and durable finish.

Fiberglass Pool Repair

  • Repairing leaking blisters or bubbles
  • Re-coating for a polished finishing
  • Epoxy coating for a polished finishing for gunite pools
  • Repairing leaking steps

A pool usually needs to be repaired when it has been drained down so low that hydrostatic pressure causes a rupture to the pool structure. Your pool might need the same fix due to it being washed out.

Fiberglass pool step repair : fiberglass pool, vinyl pool Fiberglass pool repair

JG Martin Enterprises, LLC

Reach out to us for such damage repairs.  

Customer Comments

Don Borkowski

Grayson, GA.

Greg, you the man! Sure the stairs came out great, but you have to be the most professional person I’ve met in quite a while. We spoke, you set a date, and did the work. My daughter saw the steps and thought I had them replaced. They look that good! The coating you used is perfect for filling the hair line cracks and giving the steps a like new finished look. All in one day. When I got home I couldn’t even tell you where there. No mess, dust, foot prints, hose and power cord rolled up and put away. Also thanks for the info on how to refinish the coping around the deck. It came out great, and wasn’t that hard to do. The next day I had lunch with a customer who has a stair issue and should be contacting you. Thanks again and have a great day!

Lori Moore


Thanks so much for repairing my steps. You did a fabulous job and you are very professional and were so easy to deal with.

Tell anyone who asks for a reference and I would be glad to recommend you!


I didn't see this till just now but let me say that your work turned out even better than I expected. The steps look like new so thank you very much. You probably stay really busy and don't need my help, but if every you have someone that wants to speak to a customer or want a reference, we are more than willing. Take care and thank for your expert work.